Description of returns’ rights and interests

1. After purchase, you are entitled to a seven-day period of hesitation after the goods arrive (the period of hesitation is not the probation period). If the goods are defective, you can apply for return within seven days (replacement service will not be accepted).

2. The goods you return must be in a brand new state and fully packaged.Therefore, please keep the integrity of the product itself, accessories, gifts, internal and external packaging, and all attached documents or information. Do not omit any accessories or damage the packaging, so as not to affect your return permission.

3. If the bonus/discount coupon is used in your order, if the order is cancelled, the bonus/discount coupon will be regarded as waived and will not be returned separately.

│ return process description

1. Please go to “my account → check the order”, confirm the goods to be cancelled or returned, press the “Return” button, we will immediately for you to cancel the order, return matters.

2. After the completion of the return application, we will arrange the delivery service to the government office to pick up the goods within 3 working days (the delivery service company may contact you before taking the goods, please keep the phone open.)The pick-up freight will be paid by the customer.

3. The refund can only be made after the goods are recovered and the acceptance is correct.

4. If there is any problem with the returned goods, the refund will be suspended and the customer service staff will contact you.

Return address

No. 193, Taibao Road, Humen Town, Dongguan,Guangdong,China

T: +86(0769)85028881

Zip Code: 523000

Our factory is based in China and the item need to be returned to the factory.

* Please do not send the package back to the address on the package as it is not our return address. The address on the package is the warehouse address of the logistics company that works with us.

* Please write down your name and your order number on a piece of paper and post it together with the item, then send all the items back via USPS and give us the tracking number.

* All returned items will be checked. We will process the refund once we have received the return package and can confirm that the product has the issues mentioned.

* The refund will be back to your paypal account within 24 hours, if you paid with debit- or credit card, you can get the money back to your account within 3-15 working days. It depends on the processing time of your bank.

Refund notice

1. If the member discount is not reached due to the return of goods, the purchase amount will be recalculated.

2. If the return of the gift does not conform to the principle of gift giving, the contents of the gift will be changed according to the total amount after the return of the gift. If the gift does not meet the standard, the gift shall be returned

Our contact information and address:

Company Name: spiritpersonalized Co.,Ltd

Contact Department: Customers Service Dept.

Tel: +86(0769)85028881

Address:No. 193, Taibao Road, Humen Town, Dongguan,Guangdong,China